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I've got decades of tapes. Hundreds of tapes. Tapes and tapes and tapes. Cassette, open reel, and even digital PCM audio recorded on VHS video tape. A myriad recordings I made myself, either using sound-on-sound on a stereo open-reel deck, cassette-to-cassette through a small mixer, or eight tracks on 1/2" multi-track tape with drum machines and sequencers slaved to a sync track. Scratchpad tapes, earnest attempts at being a serious composer, and various sonic experiments involving tape, synthesizers, and a lot of effects. There's an equal number of tapes of bands I've been in: rehearsal tapes, basics and rough mixes from recording studios, tapes of gigs, and music videos. There are live tapes from house parties we used to throw in an old house in Allston, Mass, each eight hours of digital PCM recordings, cassettes from Skin gigs recorded on a Walkman at the back of the Rat or the Channel in Boston in the Eighties. I've cleaned up and edited some of the highlights.


Recordings, 1974 to the present, scratchpad tapes, experiments, and general screwing around


Cassette releases, 1989-94


Music videos, animation demos, and other lo-fi videocy


Did I mention I was in a band or two?


I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. Demille.


An artistic form of vandalism.