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Give a man a video camera and he'll point it at the monitor and call it art.


Part of the Stumpworld gestalt was Scott Matalon's collection of old industrial-quaity 3/4" U-Matic video gear, along with an Amiga 2000 with a genlock for video effects. We taped videos for his band Squid, mine (Bonesaw), and did some general screwing around with video feedback and animation as well. "Eating Human Flesh" was shot from a storyboard; the rest were made up as we went along and A/B edited into something kind of coherent. Or not.


Steve Mahan, with help from Ric Rondeaux and Lewis Gannett, shot a pair of music videos for the Troubled Sleep/Stand Up 7" single (EOD 1986). Much of the footage was Super 8 transferred to video for editing. Sexweed was a Skin side project; this video was from a J.J. Flash gig in 1985.

Karlo Takki

I cut my 3D animation teeth on Scott Matalon's Amiga 500 starting in 1989. We all did. And by 1994 we were doing it professionally. But we never stopped screwing around. The Citadel video was composited with iMovie on an iPod Touch in 2014, just to see if it could be done. It can but it's painful enough that I'd rather do it in Director 1.0 on a Mac Classic II in 512x384x1.

The Takki Brothers